Economic Development

State Economy Development Program

Through this program, focus is given to financing farm development projects. This project is implemented through RISDA and FELCRA to develop palm oil and rubber plantations. This project is the main activity of the Department in an effort to reduce the incidents of poverty among the Orang Asli community.

Expansion Program (Course)

The Expansion Program (course) is aimed to provide training and exposure to the Orang Asli community that have potential in plantation and modern farming projects. Among the courses that are implemented are the palm oil plantation maintenance courses, hydroponic plantations, rubber cultivation methods, livestock courses and others.

Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

Through this program apart from promoting Orang Asli products, various incentives are available to Orang Asli start-ups who have attended entrepreneurship courses organised by the Department. Among the incentives provided are business equipment assistance, input material assistance and etc. Various business fields that are explored by the Orang Asli such as grocery stores, restaurants, vehicle workshops, cyber cafes, construction field and many others.

Retail Space Development Program

The Department has also allocated for the construction of premises for retail space to the Orang Asli people who are involved in business. The construction of retail space for the participants are subjected to the fixed criteria in the Guidelines for Providing Assistance to Entrepreneurs and Companies/Industry within the Orang Asli Community. Among the types of premises built are craft shops, grocery shops, motorcycle workshops, restaurants and tailoring shops.

Income Generation Program, Social Welfare Development Scheme (SPKR)

Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (KKLW) through JAKOA provided the Income Generation Program (PPP) to achieve the goal of reducing extreme poverty in line with the government’s wishes. Among the assistance provided through this program are agricultural machinery equipment, fisheries input materials, fishing equipment, vegetation projects, potato plantations, lime plantations, tilapia fish farming, village poultry livestock, goats, and etc. Applications for participation in this program can be applied through the Orang Asli Affairs Office in the respective district, and a list of qualified candidates and attendees will be forwarded to the Government secretariat level to acknowledge the assistance of the project.


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