Structured Settlements Development Programme

Regrouping Plan (RPS)

This project began in 1980 (4th MP), Cabinet decision aimed at curbing the activities of subversive elements (communist) that influence the Orang Asli people in the rural areas. This plan involved a lot of reallocations of the Orang Asli to new locations from the original settlement. A total of 17 RPS locations which is 6 in Perak, 7 in Pahang, 3 in Kelantan and 1 in Johor (RPS Kudung was built by YPJC).

Among the initiatives and development projects channelled through RPS are the preparation of homes to the program participants, infrastructure development and integrated programs of commercial crops such as palm oil and rubber. Through the commercial cultivation of participants, they not only receive dividends through farming produce but are also given the opportunity to be directly involved as farmers.


Village Restructuring Project (PSK)

A total of 217 Orang Asli villages (12,264 KIR) have been involved in the implementation of the JAKOA PSK that was approved in 1999 (7th MP). The implementation is intended to upgrade the village infrastructure and utilities, basic needs and land development projects such as palm oil and rubber plantations to increase the income of the local residents.

The PSK participants also receive the same incentives and facilities as the ones enjoyed by the RPS participants.


New Village Plan (RKB)

The Department also launched a New Village Plan project in a safe area at the borders of Thailand (KESBAN). The program is mainly to develop and care for the welfare of the Orang Asli community where their homes are situated in that area.

The RKB participants also enjoy the same incentive and facilities as the RPS and PSK participants.


Natural Disasters Project

This project began since the year 1997. A total of 113 Orang Asli villages have been identified by the State Level Natural Disaster Technical Committee, covering the categories of high risk, moderate risk and low risk areas. The Orang Asli villages that are categorised as high risk are possibly the villages that experience flooding, landslide, wave and storm hits at the Johor, Pahang and Selangor coastal villages.

The Department provides provisions for the purpose of transferring them to a new location, new sites and houses, including roads, drainage and others while the village categorised as moderate risk have provisions prepared to improve drainage, sewerage, widening/deepening of rivers, forts and etc.


Orang Asli Settlement Customary Land Survey (village) / Land Acquisition

As there are still many Orang Asli settlements that have been approved by the state government but have not been gazetted or need land perimeter surveying and engineering work for the federal development project, the JHEOA has allocated funds for the purpose. Through the facilities of issues related to the land acquisition, delineation and survey work can be carried out accordingly. Implementation of this project is subject to the jurisdiction of the land administrator and current regulations in force.


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