Training and Employment Program (PLKK)


This program is the component breakdown of the Training and Education Program (PLP) in the 8th MP. The program is aimed to provide financial aid and management assistance to enable the target groups to follow short, medium and long term training courses including MLKV basic skills (Malaysian Skills Certificate SKM I & SKM II).

To enhance the skills of the target group so that they are able to get a job or run a service business that can deliver higher revenues and removing them and their families out of poverty


Extreme Poor Group is namely those whose monthly household income is half or less than the level of the current Poverty Income Line (PGK) Food (Food PLI), is based on the needs of their families dietary nutrition balance requirement.

Priority will be given to the following:

  • A productive Head of Household (KIR);
  • Extreme poor Members of the Household (AIR) that do not go to school and do not succeed.
  • Extreme poor Single Mothers (IT) with many dependents and is still productive;
  • Extreme poor AIR that is suffered by the KIR single mother; and
  • Extreme poor House Wives (SR) / AIR suffered by disabled KIR.


Under the skills training component, assistance may be provided for participants to attend skill training in all areas in all sectors, for example:

  • Tailoring
  • Clerk Booking and Ticketing
  • Food Preparations
  • Prime Mover operator
  • Cooking
  • Food Processing
  • Computer Repairs
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Electrical
  • Makeup/beauty/hairdressing
  • Marine
  • Interior decorating
  • Handicraft
  • Manufacturing glass fibre boats
  • Tourist Driver
  • Car, Motor/boat driver
  • Mobile phone repair, shoe and etc.

However in selected areas, of expertise which will be funded by this provision, the implementing agencies are requested to adjust the type of skills selected with the interests and abilities of the participants meeting the current market requirements.

Skill training given is in the category of basic skills (Levels I and II).

The purpose is other than providing an opportunity to more target groups, and is expected to help increase family income quickly and independently to encourage the target groups to improve existing skills. Skill training content module should cover the development of the mind/attitude.

The form of training that is given are with collaborative training centres such as KEMAS, IKBN, GIATMARA, NGOs and private firms that have training centres as well as other Government training centres and also on-the-job-training through the cooperation with government-friendly companies.

The maximum assistance rate is depending on the duration of the courses below. Items costs cover the management cost (not exceeding 10% of the project cost), payment to the operator of the course, logistics costs, pocket money (during the course of more than 1 month) and allowance for the loss of income according to the current rate where applicable (courses less than a week).

Training/Course Duration Maximum Assistance Rate (RM)
Less than 1 week (as appropriate)


Short-term – 1 week to less than 3 months (as appropriate)


Medium term – 3 months to less than 6 months (as appropriate)


Long term – 6 months to less than 1 year (as appropriate)



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