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A good crypto exchange also offers a reliable crypto wallet for its traders. XCritical’s version was developed specifically to fit the needs of traders that use its crypto exchange. This wallet securely stores cryptocurrencies from the receipt to the identification of payments and to withdrawal from the system. For added security, this wallet requests additional confirmation from a trusted administrator and notifies the administrator in cases of potential threats. It also integrates a third-party payment option and customer relationship management.


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Another benefit is that it is also available as a mobile application. The XCritical solution is consistently among the top options. It’s simple to understand why – we provide user-friendly UI/UX designs, more features than any other software, powerful trading signals, and mobile compatibility. Besides, the XCritical trading platform is available for all operating systems, devices, and languages. It allows you to quickly and securely transact within the crypto marketplace and fully control your funds.

xCritical Review: Features and Services

Our solutions help optimize the work of the broker by collecting and managing more data. This enables brokers to grow their businesses at an extraordinary pace. Our xCritical review proves that the service is legit and does not cheat its clients. It is regulated by reputable authorities, has high-level security standards, and has got many positive reviews from its customers.

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We implement modern technologies, and that is another reason brokers and traders trust our platform. It’s a reliable and secure place to work with your funds on a regular basis. There have never been any hacks in our software due to regular updates, constant testing, and monitoring.

  1. The XCritical solution is consistently among the top options.
  2. However, there are also negative reviews about xCritical on the Google app store.
  3. Your users can perform crypto currency trades at current market rates, or set their own desired rates, limits, and issue stop orders.
  4. With this, you can perform all operations in one window, providing an efficient and seamless workflow.

Using white label forex solutions gives the ability to gain visibility and promote your brand. Yes, it is that authority that has got the best reputation in the field. This is a very good sign that represents the trustworthiness of the service. XCritical’s Signal Swipes provides a unique and exciting trading experience that streamlines the decision-making process. Say goodbye to tedious manual analysis and dive into an engaging trading experience.


White label is cost-effective, which helps businesses save on both cost and time. Provides for the integration of a third-party payment system. The system design makes this integration easy to implement, so the entire process can be accomplished in no time. The deployed expert system analyzes all activities in the system and identifies suspicious ones. In some cases, additional confirmation is requested from a trusted administrator.

The only way to lose your funds is by withdrawing them or trading badly. We collect data on digital assets, systematize it, and make it easily usable for you. You can get access to the world’s major exchanges using our API. This service will help you to initiate transactions between exchanges, compare quotes, place orders and track order history in a convenient format. XCritical AMS provides full control and access to customers’ information with just a few clicks. It analyzes results helping identify profits and losses and enabling you to make decisions based on previous performance.

The website also has a mobile version, which works on any device. Utilizing the infrastructure of the larger service provider, you benefit from their expertise and experience in the market. By utilizing a white-label cryptocurrency exchange, the cost of setting up the platform is significantly reduced. Quick to set up, allowing businesses to get to market quickly. White label forex providers are subject to regulatory oversight, helping businesses adhere to the appropriate rules and regulations.

At, we’re dedicated to empowering your clients to succeed. We offer a full package of services, including a personal account manager, 24/7 technical support, training, and assistance with marketing and sales. Partner with us today and benefit from each component of our unparalleled service and profound expertise. The shared infrastructure of the larger service provider provides you with access to the market’s liquidity, meaning you don’t have to deal with liquidity issues. Using established expertise and resources, providing businesses access to experienced personnel and quality technology. Reliable API system integration with CRM systems might interest CRM owners and developers.

Some applications have delays which result in enormous losses when the market is highly volatile. does not cheat its customers when it says that it has got the fastest order execution. There are many reasons why people prefer xCritical to many other trading platforms. The xCritical trading platform has gained quite a huge audience since its creation. Although it still did not overtake the old classics by the number of customers, it is already on its way to the top. There are many reasons for that and most of them will be covered in our xCritical review.

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