Negeri Sembilan

Helmi bin Naim Ahmad

Helmi bin Naim Ahmad Helmi bin Naim Ahmad is a successful Orang Asli entrepreneur from Orang Asli Settlement Ulu Chembong Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. He is from the Temuan Tribe.

He is an entrepreneur who owns a company and has the skill in carving and producing handicraft products based on discarded wood (wood stumps) of tembusu and natural type.

In 2010 he embarked on a move from just a hobby and small-scale handicraft production to more large and unique products. The response was very overwhelming which catalysed the establishment of Temuan Abo Craft Company started on 10 April 2013. He also expanded his business in eco-tourism, such as chalet accommodation in 2017. Among of his achievements are as follows:

2013Won Most Beautiful Booth 2013 in Orang Asli Carnival at Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam.

Won 3rd place in Export Furniture Malaysia ( EFE ) for Garden Furniture category, held in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur (5 – 8 March 2014)

Won 3rd place of the One District One Industry (SDSI) on 4 -7 December 2014 at MITC Ayer Keroh Melaka


Selected to promote craft products in Milan, Italy

Highest sales for Customer Friendly Category during the 2015 Orang Asli Entrepreneur Carnival held in Kuantan Parade, Pahang


The Negeri Sembilan Mara Entrepreneur Award, held at Royal Bintang

The JAKOA and KKLW Jaya Entrepreneur Award, held in Seremban Prima, Negeri Sembilan


One of the exhibitors to promote craft products in Germany

Icon of Orang Asli Islam organised by JAKIM on 11 April 2017

Orang Asli Youth Icon and Premier Youth Award organised by Ministry of Sports Youth awarded by YB. Brig. Gen. Khairy Jamaluddin Minister of Youth and Sports

Participated in the TN50 Roundtable discussion with Dato ‘Sri Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak on 24 March 2017

Appreciation from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia for training the students of the Bachelor of Arabic Language & Communication, Faculty of Major Language Studies.

Assistance Received
Assistance from JAKOA, namely business premises and workshop equipment amounting to RM 70,000.00 in 2015 and 2016.

Training And Courses
Attended courses and training organised by JAKOA such as basic homestay management course, online marketing course, SKM 2 course, product finishing course and rattan weaving course.

Puan Faarezan binti Radzali

Puan Faarezan binti Radzali is a successful Orang Asli entrepreneur in Eco-Tourism sector and owns a registered agency called Temuan PD Enterprise. She is from Bukit Kepong Orang Asli Settlement, Pasir Panjang.

She received her early education`n at SMK Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson and started eco-tourism activities since 2017. Throughout her journey in eco-tourism field, her homestay business has been in high demand and often becomes the attention among locals and foreign tourists such as China, Taiwan, and German.


Assistance Received

She received assistance for equipment from JAKOA and assistance for homestay upgrade project in 2019. She also received assistance for wiring upgrade project in 2020.


Training And Courses

She has undergone courses and trainings organised by JAKOA, namely Homestay Guide Course, House Management Course, Food Handling Course, Homestay Recreational Activities Course, Handling of Safety and Health Conditions Course, Homestay Customer Service Course, Basic Finance Management Course, Orang Asli Community Eco-Tourism Seminar, Basic Entrepreneurship Course organised by INSKEN, Leverage Your Legacy Course organised by MARA Ventures Sdn Bhd.



Nur Raziana binti Ramli

Nur Raziana binti Ramli is a successful Orang Asli entrepreneur in the field of stingless bees breeding. She is from the Orang Asli Bukit Bangkong Settlement, Sungai Pelek, Sepang and a descendant of Mah Meri tribe. She has 7 years of experience in the field of stingless bees breeding as her part time job with only 3 nests back in 2013. She attended hand holding course organized by JAKOA and MARDI back in 2014 in which she received assistance of equipment and beekeeping. Following the assistance, she started breeding the stingless bees around her house and registered a company on 22 September 2014 with the name TRIGONA ASLI ENTERPRISE. In 2015, Nur Raziana Binti Ramli expanded the business by selling and marketing stingless bee-based products such as soap, lip balm, candle, ingredients for aromatherapy, bee pollen and so on. In addition, she sells and distributes kelulut beehives. She serves as a consultant and advisory service for courses and training related to stingless bees. Her achievements are as follows:


2016Participation in Persatuan Usahawan Lebah Kelulut (PUKM) Shareholder of Akademi Kelulut Malaysia (AKM) Consultant of PASFA (Pesatuan Peladang Negeri Pahang)
2017Collaboration with Homestay Banghuris until today
2018Collaboration with Universiti Andalas Padang until today
2019Collaboration with Pusat Tahfiz Darul Furqan

She helps Orang Asli entrepreneurs who cultivate stingless bees by guiding and harvesting their kelulut products for sales. Her current income is RM 20,000.00 per month.


Assistance Received
She has received assistance from JAKOA including stingless beehives, laboratory building and equipment as well as machinery with an estimated cost of RM75,000.00.


Training And Courses
She has undergone courses organized by JAKOA and other agencies, such as Stingless Bees Beekeeping Course, Level 2 Stingless Bees Beekeeping Intensive Course, 2014 APIS Beekeeping Comparison Seminar and Stingless Bees Beekeeping Comparison Seminar, Stingless Bees Product Processing Course, Stingless Bees BEESCAPE Course, Stingless Bees Product ID Introduction Course Workshop Stingless Bees-Based Series 1, 2014 Orang Asli Entrepreneur Seminar and Selangor State Halal Program 2014 (Compliance & Incentives in Business).

Norazman bin Jamalim

Norazman bin Jamalim is a successful 39-year-old Orang Asli entrepreneur, who is from Bukit Lanjan Orang Asli settlement, Bandar Damansara Perdana, Bukit Lanjan. He is a part of Temuan tribe. This Orang Asli entrepreneur is independent and interested in managing activities related to providing rental services.


He started being involved in works related to renting a PA system and setting up tents for gaterings in 2010.


His passion flourished and began planning to establish his own business in providing the said service. Thus, he started participating in entrepreneurship seminars and courses organized by JAKOA and subsequently registered Daya Usaha Desa Enterprise company in 2012 with an startup capital of RM5000.


As a result of his perseverance and excellent service, he often receives bookings for official functions and gatherings to this day. JAKOA has also supported his business development by providing equipment including 3 sets of tents and chairs worth almost RM20,000 and also a set of PA Systems worth almost RM18,000 in 2014 and 2020.


Apart from tent rental service, PA system and transportation, he also sells plant seeds of herbs and spices such as tongkat ali, kacip fatimah, ubi jaga, lemongrass, curry, turmeric and semomok. With his average net income of approximately RM2500 per month and he is able to hire three employees to help manage his business. His other achievements are as follows:


2013Participated in Karnival Usahawan Desa KKLW (KUD) Putrajaya

Participated in JAKOA Expos & Sale – Aeon Mall Setiawangsa

Participated in JAKOA Expos & Sale – PKNS


Participated in JAKOA Expos & Sale – Mydin Melaka

Participated in JAKOA Expos & Sale – Mydin Ipoh

2016PIBG Cemerlang Sekolah Orang Asli – JAKOA
2017Participated in Karnival Usahawan Desa KKLW (KUD) PWTC
2018Selangor Zakat Bronze Category Award

Tokoh Individu Orang Asli Mithali Negeri Selangor (JAIS)

Participated in Karnival Usahawan Desa (KUD)

Assistance Received
JAKOA has aided 3 sets of tents and chairs worth almost RM20,000 in 2014 and PA system set equipment worth almost RM18,000 in 2020.


Training And Courses
He participated in seminars and entrepreneurship courses organized by JAKOA, MARA, TEKUN, MOF and SSM since 2012 until today.

A.Samri a/l Abdul Rahman

A.Samri a/l Abdul Rahman is a 45-year-old successful Orang Asli entrepreneur from Orang Asli Settlement Sungai Bumbun, Pulau Carey, Selangor. He is a part of Mahmeri tribe. This entrepreneur has the skills and experience in carving statues and masks of Mahmeri tribe for over 25 years.


A. Samri started carving Sauh ancestral statues from small Nireh Batu wood in 1994 and earned his first income of RM25.00 per unit.


From then on, he never stopped trying and improving the quality of his sculptures until he managed to sell Moyang Puting Beliung statue for RM700 per unit in 2000. Realizing his skills and optimistic business opportunities whilst maintaining the culture and heritage, he began to attend various programs, seminars, entrepreneurship courses organized by JAKOA and other government agencies; he started to increase the number of handicraft sculptures and masks of various sizes to be sold and displayed at expos and handicraft sales carnivals. In 2013, he registered K.Nyireh Batu Enterprise.


He has received assistance from KIOSK, workshop, machine, chisel from Kraftangan Malaysia. JAKOA aids machinery tools to support him produce better and quality sculptures. JAKOA often helps him participate in handicraft sales expos organized by various government agencies, both locally and abroad. Among the types of carvings that he has produced are Topeng Moyang Tok Naning, Topeng Moyang Siamang, Topeng Moyang Terok, Patung Moyang Puting Beliung, Patong Moyang Ketam and Patung Moyang Tenung Jerat Harimau. He is assisted by an employee and his average net income is approximately RM1000 per month. He also had the opportunity to promote and sell wood carving handicrafts abroad such as Paris, London, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Bali. His other achievements are as follows :



National Craft Day organized by Kraftangan Malaysia

Participated in the Orang Asli Culture Week organized by JAKOA

2009Participated in One Settlement One Product International Exhibition 200 organized by KPLB JAKOA in Bali, Indonesia
2010Participated in the Malaysian Culture Expo organized by Kraftangan Malaysia in Shanghai

Participated in the Wood Carving Demo at the Malaysian Handicraft Inspired Craft Promotion

Participated in Malaysia Cultural Week organized by Kraftangan Malaysia in London, England

Participated in International Museum Day

2013Managing the Economic Empowerment of Cooperative Entrepreneurs organized by JAKOA in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2014Participated in JAKOA Expo & Sales – Aeon Mall Setiawangsa
2015Participated in Malaysia Cultural Week organized by Jabatan Warisan Negara in Paris, France
2017Participated in Orang Asli Carnival organized by JAKOA
2019ECO Print, Wooden clock, Negeri Selangor Replica Building gifted to His Highness Sultan Selangor
2020Fast Track Program Desamall@KPLB

Assistance Received
JAKOA has aided engraving machinery in 2020 with an estimated cost of RM19,000.00.


Training And Courses
He has participated in seminars, entrepreneurship courses and sales expos organized by government agencies such as JAKOA, Kraftangan Malaysia, National Heritage Department and other agencies from 2006 until today.

Nur Afiqah binti Abdullah


Nur Afiqah binti Abdullah is a successful 37-year-old Orang Asli entrepreneur from Orang Asli Settlement Bukit Bangkong, Sungai Pelek, Selangor. She is a part of Mahmeri tribe.

This Orang Asli entrepreneur is passionate in managing business related to design and printing services. She initially started by taking small-scale commissions from friends to design banners, wedding cards, business cards and more. Assisted by her husband who is an expertise in multimedia and graphic design field, she opened a photocopy shop and stationery in Pekan Semenyih.

She started participating in seminars and entrepreneurship courses organized by JAKOA and subsequently registered Salamsinar Maju Enterprise in 2016 with a startup capital of RM15,000. Due to her perseverance and excellent service, she often receives orders from the public, corporate members and even the government to date. JAKOA has also supported her business development by aiding some equipment such as heat press, laminating roll and Eco Solvent Printer worth of almost RM10,000 in total.

Apart from the services offered, she provides graphic design services, language translation, book/audio visual publishing, digital book publishing, typewriter, photography services, T-Shirt printing and corporate shirts. Her average net income is at least RM8000 per month and has one employee who help managing her business. Her other achievements are as follows :

2009JAKIM Textbook Graphic Designer
2011 – 2020Textbook and general pre-print works
2017 – 2018Jais Textbook Graphic Designer

Assistance Received
JJAKOA has provided printing machine equipment worth almost RM10,000 in 2019

Training And Courses
She has participated in seminars and entrepreneurship courses organized by JAKOA, MARA, TEKUN, MOF and SSM from 2016 until now.



Syamsiah binti Mohd Rashid

Syamsiah binti Mohd Rashid is a successful 40-year-old Orang Asli entrepreneur from Felda Keratong 8, Muadzam Shah, Pahang. He is apart of Jakun tribe.


This Orang Asli entrepreneur has skills in making kuih bahulu and preparing frozen kuih. Equipped with a startup capital of RM3000 as well as enthusiasm and determination, she started selling products on a small scale locally. Seeing the potential where her products received overwhelming response and current rising market demand, she registered SS Dhuha Enterprise in 2016 to pursue her dream as a successful Kuih Bahulu entrepreneur and supplier of frozen cakes. To date, she has been operating for 4 years with the assistance of two permanent employees. Due to her efforts, scrumptious and exceptional products as well as effective marketing methods, she is now able to generate approximately RM5000 per month. Her other achievements are as follows:


2016 – 2019Felda Sales Expo 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Coaching & Mentoring Businesswomen

Melaka Orang Asli Entrepreneur Carnival

2018Terengganu Rural Entrepreneur Carnival (KUD)
2019Participated in MAHA Serdang
2018 – 2019Pahang Muslim Entrepreneur Carnival 2018, 2019


Assistance Received
JAKOA aided equipments which include 1-tier 2-tray gas oven, 4kg heavy duty commercial mixer, 4-tier trolley rack, bahulu brass mould, chest freezer, and static work desk worth almost RM10,000.

Azmani bin Nurdin

Azmani bin Nurdin is a successful 22-year-old Orang Asli farmer from RPS Orang Asli Settlement, Sungai Bilut, Raub Pahang. He is a part of Temuan tribe.


He is an Orang Asli entrepreneur who has the skills in establishing fertigation vegetable farms. He started this fertigation crop because of the knowledge and skills he gained from Farmers Field School (FFS) course at the Pahang State Level and completed a series of fertigation planting courses that had been organized by the Department of Agriculture for almost two years. He registered the company Mahaguru Azmani Din Enterprise in 2017. Prior to that, he had prepared the paperwork to apply for a loan from the bank but failed. He then consulted Raub District Department of Agriculture to ensure the project a success, but the agency did not have sufficient financial allocation for it. An officer of the Agriculture Department and Azmani had contacted the Pahang State JAKOA Agriculture unit at that time to apply to implement this project. The paperwork has been submitted to JAKOA’s Kuala Lumpur headquarters, and a budget of RM120,000 has been approved and channelled for the entire fertigation project’s equipment.


At the beginning of his project, he cooperated with Jabatan Pertanian Daerah Raub where he received advice and guidance to ensure the project a success. His perseverance and experience of three years in managing and operating this fertigation farm has helped the locals improve their economy, labour force, healthy food supply and usage of more undeveloped open space for fertigation farm purposes. So far, he has 6 permanent employees to manage the farm. Today, he has managed to diversify crops through fertigation system, such as cucumber, hot chilli, kulai chilli, eggplant, and bitter gourd. All crops have been successfully marketed and sold to FAMA, Selayang Wholesale Market and Jerantut Wholesale Market and he manages get an average net income return of RM5000 per month. Currently, he is pursuing his education in the field of agriculture to improve and prepare himself to face challenges in agricultural field as well as his future business sustainability.

Assistance Received
JAKOA has provided him with financial assistance in the form of the entire fertigation project equipment valued at RM120,000 in order for him to develop the fertigation agriculture project and succeed in his efforts to become an agricultural entrepreneur.

Hasim a/l Sik

Hasim a/l Sik is a successful 49-year-old Orang Asli entrepreneur from Kampung Sop, Pos Lenjang in Lipis District. He is a part of Semai tribe.

He has been working as an Operations Assistant at Sekolah Kebangsaan Lenjang for almost 20 years. However, he is better known as a successful entrepreneur in the field of homestay enterprise and experienced in managing homestays for almost 5 years. He initially had 4 small huts and a campsite. The purpose of building and providing the facility is to offer comfort for agencies and visitors who often visit to deal with the Orang Asli community around Pos Lenjang. With the encouragement and courses he attended, he increased the number of existing homestay units for greater comfort and to accommodate a larger number of visitors. He registered his homestay company under the name of Jaya Gunung Enterprise at the end of 2015. This homestay company provides opportunities for locals to work by managing, cleaning, and repairing homestays.

Jaya Gunung Enterprise has amenities such as homestay building units, camping sites, hill water facilities and electricity supply from diesel electricity generators. Apart from that, Jaya Gunung Enterprise has prayer room facilities for Muslim visitors to pray. Jaya Gunung Enterprise also offers a prepaid wifi hotspot to make communication easier for visitors. Hasim also has several other sources of income, including grocery stores, student transportation, and rubber plantations and orchards. Despite the fact that it is a small-scale operation, settlers and visitors can get food supplies and daily necessities from the grocery store he opened. In terms of transportation, students in the Pos Lenjang area can commute from their homes to Sekolah Kebangsaan Lenjang.

Assistance Received
JAKOA has provided assistance in the form of business premise building unit worth RM20,000.00 for him to develop the existing grocery store business and build a surau worth RM80,000.00 from a ‘non-profit organization’ to increase the existing facilities and further develop his homestay.

Nazra bin Basir

Nazra bin Basir is currently living in Orang Asli settlement RPS Kedaik Kuala Rompin, Pahang. He is a part of JAKUN tribe.

He took a year off after finishing four (4) years of UTeM to figure out what career he wanted to pursue to secure his future. JAKOA organised the Orang Asli Entrepreneur Formation Programme in 2015, which sparked the idea of starting a business among youths and youths. The programme exposes new entrepreneurs who want to start a business and fosters an interest in entrepreneurship in them.


Assistance Received
He worked on woodwood oil-based products as a foundation in producing downstream agarwood perfume products under the brand name “The Phenomenon of Agarwood.” This product is successfully developed due to experience and training gained from JAKOA courses and programmes, as well as courses and programmes offered by other government agencies such as MARA, TEKUN, MTIB, KPLB, and MOSTI.



Pandak bin Ngah

Pandak bin Ngah is an Orang Asli entrepreneur who is from Kampung Bukit Cermin, Bendang Kering, Kuala Kangsar. He is a part of Temiar tribe.

He is an Orang Asli entrepreneur with expertise in the production of tongkat ali, tongkat ali hitam, raja kayu, kayu tas, various traditional medicines (herbal capsules), sinus root, nyiru, and various types of rattan, bamboo, and blowpipes. He began building his business capital by selling tongkat ali and kacip Fatimah herbal blends that he had packaged himself. On April 20, 2017, he registered the company and began providing transportation services for Orang Asli students from Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Cermin to Sekolah Kebangsaan Bendang Kering and Sekolah Menengah Sayong Perak. He also sells and buys natural kelulut honey, as well as wholesale kelulut beehives. He is now able to generate an income of approximately RM5,000.00 per month as a result of the product’s efforts.

Assistance Received
Majlis Daerah Kuala Kangsar has provided retail space for Orang Asli to conduct business at the Sungai Perak rest and service stops (R&R). He has also received donations of cutting machines and burners to help his company’s production capacity.


Yazli Shah bin Asman

Yazli Shah bin Asman is an Orang Asli entrepreneurPicture1 from Kampung Orang Asli Felcra Sg Layau Berhad, Johor. He is of Kuala tribe descent. He is a bakery owner who has registered with the Malaysian Companies Commission (JM0882247-K). The business only started operating out of his home in 2015. From there, he began supplying a number of locations, including Sekolah Kebangsaan Nong Chik Johor Bahru, Toyota Larkin Factory, Pengerang Health Clinic, Sg Rengit Health Clinic, Semenchu Secondary School, Sg Layau Religious School, Semencu Grocery Store, and Taman Perling Grocery Store Johor Bahru. Breads, cakes, bahulu, cookies, spicy chips, melted cheese, durian crepe, and many more are among the food products.

Assistance Received
He has received RM45,000.00 for premises assistance and equipment assistance amounting to RM5,000.00. In addition, he received the donation of a two (2) layer heavyduty oven.

Training and Courses

  1. Handmade Chocolate Course Organized by JAKOA on 14-15 August 2019;
  2. Marketing Product Promotion Course for FELCRA Berhad’s coaching entrepreneurs on 20-22 October 2020;
  3. INSKEN Joint Entrepreneurship Basic Course by JAKOA on 21-23 October 2021;
  4. Workshop on Entrepreneur Empowerment Through SIRIM Joint Packaging Design by JAKOA on 8-9 September 2021;
  5. Sembang Kampung@KPLB by institute of Rural Development on 7 September 2021


Mariam Binti Marijah

mariamMARIAM BINTI MARIJAH is a Herbal and Traditional Medicine Entrepreneur of Kg Teranek, RPS Kuala Betis, Kelantan. She is a Temiar entrepreneur who has registered with the Malaysian Companies Commission. In 1993, she began producing handicrafts, herbal medicine, and traditional products on a small scale in the Gua Musang area. Her determination and commitment to keep the business going has piqued the interest of JAKOA, who has agreed to help her by providing advice and equipment under the entrepreneur guidance program in 2020. She was also chosen as a Kelantan entrepreneur to participate in the Orang Asli Entrepreneur Carnival because her products are always in high demand. Among the products she marketed are handicrafts made from forest products, akar belang, tongkat ali, susu rimau, kacip fatimah, tali tekak biawak, yam, fungus, ali hitam, temtop rope, mountain spice, padma flower, misai ali, yam and kemuning. Accordingly, she has also participated in various courses and motivations.